Update! After a very busy week, we’re about to leave for Dragon Con! Here is where to see us:


10 am - Festival Screening: Puppets

4:00 pm - Doctor Puppet Episode 6 Premiere

7:00 pm - Stop Motion Animation with Doctor Puppet


11:30 am - Doctor Who New Series

1:00 pm - Animation Mastery

5:30 pm - The Rise of Webseries in Entertainment

8:30 pm - History of Stop Motion


11:30 - Fan Films: Batman vs. Star Wars vs. Doctor Who

4:00 pm - Web Series: How They Did It

7:00 pm - Festival Screening: Films Celebrating Geek Culture

HEY GUYS! I”M GONNA BE AT DRAGON CON DOING DOCTOR PUPPET PANELS AND THINGS! WOOO! So come and check us out! I’m on…half of these panels, and I’ll be wandering about so stop by, pick up a postcard, and say hello! :3

playing with phoenix designs. I like birds….

playing with phoenix designs. I like birds….

chibi mancha <3 

chibi mancha <3 

happy crab for mandy

happy crab for mandy


when you fuck up and realize there’s nothing you can do so you just accept it


This is pretty much me right now :/

apparently mandy is turning into a crab. Makes sense.

apparently mandy is turning into a crab. Makes sense.


Carl Friedrich Lessing

*sighs* more breath taking artwork

That impending sense of doom when you realize how much work you have to accomplish by friday and how you have 0 energy to get through even a single day.

So many good dolly things happening! Yay! Makes me happy <3

Took this bugger out to the cathedral on Sunday for some proper photos with a proper camera. He’s so broody I love him. I”ll post more down the line <3

Craig Mullins

Excuse me while my heart tumbles out of my body through my mouth and into my hand.